LIM, CHUA, DAVE & CERVANTES LAW (LCDC LAW) is a full service law firm based in Quezon City, Philippines.


Before becoming lawyers, the Firm’s founding fathers, Robert Lim and Michael Chua were already business owners, with extensive background in the food and construction industry. As businessmen, they learned that customer satisfaction, outstanding quality service and overall client experience should be the utmost priority of every organization.

After graduating in 2015 and passing the bar the year after, they both undergo apprenticeship in different law firms and corporations to hone their craft.

Gaining sufficient experience and clientele, the two decided to partner up and establish Lim and Chua Law. They opened their first office at Osmeña Highway, Makati City.

Although the firm was organized as a general practice law firm, both of them maintained their expertise and training in the field of labor, corporate law, intellectual property, tax and insurance.


During their practice, the firm received increasing inquiries on estate planning, tax compliances and other accounting processes. In order to cater to such demand, the Firm decided to partner with their long time friend and fellow classmate Jose Carell Dave, who was a practicing CPA. Thus, Lim, Chua & Dave Law and Accounting Offices was established.

The partnership opened new doors and opportunities for the Firm, which allowed them to further build their area of expertise.

2019 – 2022

Public Attorney Ruth Cervantes, likewise a fellow Bedan, left her employment in the government and joined the Firm. Her extensive knowledge and experience in criminal and family law and politics paved the way for the Firm to expand its scope anew. Promoted as named partner within the same year, the Firm was renamed to the present Lim, Chua, Dave & Cervantes Law Offices.

LCDC Law prioritizes overall client satisfaction and experience. From our first meeting up to the conclusion of your case, we make sure to assign you a dedicated personal lawyer, so that your concerns are well-prioritized and attended to every time. This is also to ensure the quality of the service we provide will be consistent all throughout.

Unlike other law firms, we value active client engagement in order to effectively address your concerns. Our lawyers make sure that they maintain an open ear for all of the client’s inputs and suggestions in all stages of the case, because we believe that problems are better resolved through great teamwork. After all, your fight is our fight.

“If our client is happy, they are satisfied. If they are satisfied, then we know we did our job right.”

Our Four Core Pillars


We make sure that we are consistent in providing our best work to all of our clients and maintaining productive relationships that meets the highest ethical and professional standards.


We are dedicated to our clients and their cause, providing them prompt and competent legal services whenever and wherever they need it.


Our dependability is our client’s gain. With us, they can have their peace of mind knowing that their interests are in capable hands.


We observe and maintain expertise in various fields of law, applying only the best skills and tools available to ensure quality services to our clients.

Fields of Expertise

Corporate Organization and Maintenance, Mergers, Acquisition and Corporate Due Diligence

Labor Law

Taxation and Compliances

Criminal Law

Marriage, Adoption, and Hereditary Rights

Land Title and Property Rights

Wills and Estate Planning

Intellectual Property